Algra Bros. began when three brothers combined their skills and talents in a new vision of homebuilding for the Fraser Valley. Our reputation for excellence in home construction continues to grow with each new development and stunning private home project. Today, Algra Bros. is also a major player in area commercial development.

In residential construction, we strive to build sustainable homes and walkable communities. We bring this same commitment to commercial work, focusing on walkable and vibrant urban communities that connect business, entertainment and living. With the eye of a craftsman and the principles of new urbanism, we are building a better, more connected way of living.

Shantell Owens
Sales Manager

Shantell finally realized that she is a country girl at heart and moved back to Chilliwack from Vancouver where she graduated from UBC as a real estate professional. Her energetic and bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with. She enjoys traveling and being outdoors – camping, quading, snowmobiling and boating.

Tony Zhao
Draft Technician

Tony is the quietest team member, and probably eats the most cookies. Tony has an engineering background and attention to detail like no other; no measurement or dimension is ever missed. Tony spends most of his spare time with his wife and young son. He also enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

Peter Algra
Design Manager & Partner

A natural genius, Peter can design a solution to almost anything. He often sees the world from a perspective that is not ‘the norm’; however it turns out he is usually right (or at least we let him think he is). If Peter isn’t at work, he’s probably swimming, cycling, skiing, or running with his wife and three children. Peter is also the Coach for the Abbotsford Cadets Biathlon team.

Jon Mackie
Site Supervisor

Jon is a devoted husband and energetic father of 3 girls and a boy. Jon’s happy go lucky attitude create an enjoyable site to work on. His family always comes first and you can usually find him working on home projects or camping with his family; although he spends an abnormal amount of time on the golf course (especially for how ‘well’ he plays).

Lesley Nelson
Accounts Payable Manager

Lesley loves what she does - April is her favorite time of year (I know right, crazy). She is usually up to her eyes in paper work yet somehow always gets everything done on time. Lesley enjoys baking, spending time with her family and visiting anywhere she can stick her toes in the sand.

Jon Kinneman
Art Director/Marketing

Jon photographs, writes, and designs our ads, brochures, and websites (including this one). Jon can often be seen on the Sumas Prairie cycling with his wife and family. Last year, he bicycled from Seattle to Portland and plans to ride from Seattle to Vancouver this summer.

Phil Algra
Controller & Partner

Phil’s organizational skills are borderline OCD. He is continually checking and organizing schedules and paperwork to ensure everything is always in order. But that is what it takes to control the day-to-day activities of a growing business. When Phil’s not hanging out with his family, he usually turns off his phone while he indulges in his guiltiest of pleasures – the golf course.

Chris Blatz
Design & Site Liaison

Chris has found his perfect career in design. When not drawing floorplans, Chris can be found jumping in puddles with his two kids or relaxing with a pint of beer and his wife (who are we kidding, any drink will do). Quite often you can also find him with his nose in a design magazine; somewhere in his own little world.

Henry Schurmann
Site Supervisor

Henry is a busy-body, he never sits still; you can usually find him on the job site or at home in his garden or shop. His quality craftsmanship and attention to detail make the difference in every Algra Bros home. Henry enjoys spending time with his family, including his 18 grandchildren.

Dave Algra
Sales and Development Manager & Partner

A born competitor and blessed with the gift of gab, Dave can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. You can usually find Dave and his 2 boys entertaining themselves playing on some sort of construction equipment, be it an excavator or a bobcat. If Dave’s not spending time with his wife and boys, he’s most likely fishing somewhere.

Allison McKenzie
Sales Associate

Short bio of Allison to come.

Restoration and revitalization of Chilliwack's historic downtown

District 1881’s locally owned breweries, restaurants, and shops, opened their doors this fall as Downtown Chilliwack begins a new era as the place to eat, shop, work, drink, and celebrate. In early 2021, restaurants, shops, residences, offices and parking are coming to District 1881 as the Uptown Building, Empress Apartments and the Princess Avenue Parkade all open. This is the New Era of Downtown Chilliwack. This is District 1881.


Fifty-nine single-family homes on Sumas Mountain in East Abbotsford

Timberlane, the Algra Bros’ latest residential project, is a finalist for the National Award of Excellence, New Home Over 2,800 sq ft and New Home 2,101 -2,400 sq ft from the Canadian Home Builders Association for 2020. Located on the southern slope of Sumas Mountain in East Abbotsford; Timberlane’s contemporary styled custom homes overlook the Sumas Prairie with stunning views of the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Baker. Timberlane’s showhome is open Tuesday – Thursday by appointment,  Friday open house from 3-6pm, Saturday and Sunday open house from 12-3pm. Closed on Mondays and stat holidays. Visit the Timberlane website to book an appointment.


Award-winning townhomes in the heart of Garrison Crossing

Built in the heart of Chilliwack’s premier neighbourhood, Garrison Crossing, Brixton Station defines “walkable community.”  Located steps from the retail village and community rec centre and only a short walk to parks and trails, residents never have to drive once they’re home. Brixton Station is packed with amenities such as private underground parking, soundproof concrete common walls, covered patios, and fenced backyards. Each of Brixton Station’s phases has been honoured as a finalist for best multi-family home by the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC in 2016 and 2017.

Forty-six rowhomes in Abbotsford’s Midtown District

Aston Row’s two home designs capture the flavour of historic urban rowhomes with brick and timber exteriors, a unique colour palette, and homes that all front on the street. Located in Abbotsford’s fast growing Midtown district, Aston Row helped to re-energize a declining neighbourhood. The Canadian Home Builder’s Association of Fraser Valley awarded Aston Row “Best Multi-Family Townhouse Development of 2016.”

Award-winning homes inspired by New York’s classic Brownstones

Algra Bros Brownstones on the Boulevard are noted for their bold red brick, unique architectural facades and wrought iron detailing, reminiscent of townhomes in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Heights. Brownstones on the Boulevard won many awards, including the 2012 Georgie Award for Best Townhome in British Columbia and the 2013 SAM for Best Single Attached Home in Canada from the Canadian Home Builders Association.

Homes in Chilliwack’s New Urbanist neighbourhood Garrison Crossing

Algra Bros was one of the select builders of Canada Lands Corporation’s ambitious Garrison Crossing project, a re-use of the former Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack. Algra Bros designed and built a variety of homes in Garrison Crossing including master-on- the main bungalows, rowhouses, and custom single-family detached houses.

Custom built luxury homes overlooking Chilliwack’s scenic Vedder River

Algra Bros designed and built exquisite timber and stone custom homes in the Cultus Lake neighbourhood of Riverstone Heights. Riverstone Heights is perched on the foothills of Vedder Mountain with breathtaking views of the Fraser Valley.

Landmark commercial and retail building in Historic Downtown Abbotsford

Offering all of the charm and warmth of an older building, but, with all of the amenities of modern construction, the landmark Flatiron Building welcomes visitors to Historic Downtown Abbotsford. The exterior design, with its classic 19th century inspired storefront styling, offers a warm and welcoming entry for retailers. The fully modern interior spaces’ square, soundproof walls, level floors, digital climate controls, and elevator create an efficient environment for businesses of all kinds.

Innovative commercial and retail properties in Historic Downtown Abbotsford

Artisans and professionals seeking authentic, sustainable space to grow their businesses can now partner with a new and like-minded team of developers, the Abbotsford Downtown Real Estate Collection (DRC), to help build out their dream of a walkable, vibrant city center. Combining the experience and focused commitment of area developers Algra Bros and the Ferrario Investment Group, the DRC offers properties attuned to the promise of downtown Abbotsford—where a mix of businesses, cafes, and shops offer an urban experience that brings people together.

On March 23, Algra Bros made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend operations on all of our construction sites. This decision was made when the leaders of our province were warning BC residents that BC could be following a similar COVID-19 infection curve as that suffered by Italy. Following the social distancing measures suggested by the province, we are satisfied that we made the right decision to temporarily suspend our operations and positively contributed to keeping BC’s COVID-19 infection curve manageable for our healthcare system over the past 2 weeks. We have guarded optimism that BC will continue to hold COVID-19 cases to what appears to be a manageable level. 

During the past two weeks much has happened in the form of creation of safety protocols and safety standards for construction sites by the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA). Additionally, for the past 14 days we have received numerous letters from construction workers around the country expressing their thanks for our example as well as outlining the concerns they had with the management of the sites they are working on. This feedback, along with the conversations we have been able to engage in with our staff and trades people has created observations that along with the new safety protocols released by the province have allowed us to create a new safety protocol with procedures for all of our jobsites that allows us to provide a working environment where workers have the opportunity to remain protected from COVID-19. As such on April 6, 2020, we will be opening our construction sites on a voluntary basis for staff and trades. 

Shuttering our operations for the past two weeks has financially impacted all of our staff, trades people, and our project budgets. However, we believe it was the correct decision as we created an opportunity to provide the following: 

  • Time for new safety protocols to be created that were provided to the industry by CCA, March 30, 2020. 
  • Time to move all tasks possible to a work from home setting. 
  • The ability to methodically amend our safety protocol and on-site procedures. 
  • The ability to procure all items required for compliance with our new safety protocol and procedures (eg hot water hand-washing stations, and digital temperature measurement devices). 
  • The ability to amend our construction schedules to allow the time needed to comply with the realities of what needs to be done on a jobsite to maintain social distancing. 
  • Time off for social isolation providing all staff and trades the proper amount of time to ensure they are symptom free. This is especially important for our small subcontractors who function as a family unit. 

We will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 in our province. If at anytime we feel the risk to our staff and trades becomes too great, we will not hesitate to temporarily suspend activity at our projects for a second time. 

We are proud of the choices BC residents have been making in response to the information and requirements provided by our provincial leaders. We want to be respectful of all the sacrifices that are being made, and will continue to make the best choices we can to ensure our staff and trades are happy, heathy, and productive. We look forward to the better times that are coming and wish the best for everyone. 


Peter, Dave, and Phil Algra
Algra Bros Developments